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Now this is pretty cool. While I was posting about Tomie + Rusty’s Wedding Album here yesterday, their wedding was also being published on Austin Wedding Blog! Cool, right? If you’re getting married in Austin and haven’t seen this blog yet, you should definitely check it out. Rachel who runs the blog loves to post all sorts of wedding ideas, planning tips, lovely pictures, local vendors and events and real Austin weddings to inspire us all. At @AustinWeddings, she also tweets helpful info and articles that any bride can benefit from. I especially loved her recent tweet about wedding pie pops. So yummy!

Big thanks to Rachel for spreading a little June Blossom love around! I appreciate it =) And to Tomie + Rusty for inviting me to share their day with them. It was an honor to capture it all! You can see more of their beautiful and fun wedding day here.

Until next time, stay inspired!


I am so excited to be able to share Tomie + Rusty’s Wedding Album with you! Back in March, Tomie + Rusty were married at the Caswell House in downtown Austin. Jeremy and I had so much fun with them and enjoyed all of the unique details of their day. I knew that their album’s design story had to capture all of that and more! A couple weeks after their wedding, I presented their pre-design slideshow to them and they loved it! Without anything modifications, I could send the design out to my album crafter right away. Now, just two months after their wedding, this amazing heirloom is in their hands to savor and enjoy! Melt!

Tomie + Rusty decided on the 11×14 album to better show off their images. To highlight all of their wedding events and their family and friends attending, their design story was presented on 52 pages. They then chose this beautiful black pressed leather for their cover to reflect the Victorian / Traditional setting of the Caswell House. For the lovely pink accents of Tomie’s dress and flowers, a soft pink stripe was added down the side. A totally custom and unique look that is theirs alone and a great way to hint at their images inside.

Here is the opening page of their album. I love using a cinematic image to begin a couple’s album story. It sets the tone of their day and teases you a little too. =)  You can also see how these albums lie completely flat when opened. I prefer these modern albums since I can use full page images that just draw you into the wedding story.

I’ll save the design til later. But for now, I wanted to give you a glimpse at what is possible and to get you thinking about your own wedding album. So what do you think about modern albums vs. the traditional ones our parents had? How about the Mrs out there. Do you have any album advice for the brides-to-be? Leave me a comment below. I’d love to know how you feel.

Thanks for reading! I really appreciate it :) Until next time!


Welcome Home Chewie

May 5, 2010

Late last week, a very groggy dog hobbled into our home. He had just been neutered and was so out of it, he wouldn’t even lay down to sleep. Jeremy and I took turns staying up all night with him while trying to figure out how to get him to take his pain medication. Despite the myth that all dogs love peanut butter, he quickly disproved that for us. (Hooray for cheese!) Thankfully, that long night has passed and although he’s still sporting his neon aqua e-collar, we’re all settling in to our new lives together. Say hi, Chewie.

From what we can tell, Chewie is a year old and is a Maltese/Poodle mix (or Malt-a-poo). Our friends found him wandering around their neighborhood. With his thick woolly fur all soaked, matted, and muddy, he was one sad little wookie. So they scooped him up and named him Chewie!

Although they couldn’t keep him, we were happy to adopt the little guy. He visited the day before his surgery so he could get used to his new surroundings. And after some exploring and sniffs, we were Chewie approved!

I’m so glad he’s not camera shy. In fact, he’s camera curious. Whenever I take a picture, he cocks his head to the side at the shutter click. I think I’ve found my new favorite model ^_^

I really love how this image makes me feel. When I see him up close like this – with his big brown eyes staring at me and his woolly fur sticking out everywhere, I just giggle and smile. And I hug him. E-collar and all.

Only five days together and I already can’t imagine him not here. In the words of Ty Pennington, ‘Welcome Home, Chewie. Welcome Home’.