Fear Less, Hope More

June 2, 2010

Fear less, hope more,
Whine less, breathe more,
Talk less, say more,
Hate less, love more,
And all good things are yours.

(Swedish Proverb)

I came across this poem over the holiday and it really struck a chord with me. Far too often, I find myself stuck in my daily routine. Going about life and not really living it. Because it’s easy. Because I forget what’s most important. That’s why I love finding things that knock me off of auto-pilot and tell me how it is – plain and simple. Heather fear less, hope more. Talk less, say more. And maybe a little less whining too while you’re at it.

Here’s my gift to you today: a poem, an image inspired by it words, and a little reminder to pause, forgo the auto-life and enjoy living more.

Happy Wednesday!


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Cindy Mayhle posted the following on June 27, 2010 at 3:48 pm.

Love it Heather! And so true. Thanks for bringing perspective to us.

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